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  • GeoMEM Ltd
    Dundee, United Kingdom
    GeoMEM develops and supplies software for geo-science, mining and quarrying industry, research and education. GeoMEM offers a range of third party software covering: Borehole Logging; Mapping/Digitising; Terrain Modelling; Ore-body modelling; 3D Visualisation; Fence Diagrams/Cross Sections; Statistics; Data Analysis and Graphing. Popular software products from companies such as Golden Software and Rockware include: Surfer; Grapher; Strater; MapViewer; RockWorks; and AppleCORE. GeoMEM are also UK and Ireland agents for DEVICO BOREHOLE SURVEY INSTRUMENTS: DeviShot (magnetic tool); DeviFlex (non-magnetic tool) and DeviCore (core orientation) and DeviSight (true north alignment system). With over 30 years experience GeoMEM also offers software development services in areas such as: Field device communication and control; Data processing and analysis; Graphics; Industrial communication/network. Training courses and support are provided for survey instruments and software. GeoMEMs customers include: Mining, Quarrying and Exploration companies; Consultants; Research organisations; Universities & Colleges; Government Organisations including Geological Surveys. GeoMEM is presently involved in the EU funded UNEXMIN project to develop a robotic surveyor for flooded mines.
  • A1 Survey
    Lon-y-llyn, United Kingdom
  • Allied Associates Geophysical Ltd
    Dunstable, United Kingdom
  • GSE Rentals Ltd
    Aberdeen, United Kingdom
  • Holtwood Marketing Ltd
    Chester, United Kingdom
  • Kongsberg GeoAcoustics Ltd
    Great Yarmouth, United Kingdom
  • Ohmex Ltd
    Sway, United Kingdom
  • PCE Instruments UK Ltd
    Southampton, United Kingdom
  • Sensys GmbH
    Bad, Germany
  • Topcon Great Britain Ltd
    Liverpool, United Kingdom

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